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Extended Warranty

Contact our Extended Warranty Hotline: 1800 438 6393 for assistance.

Extended Warranty
Take advantage of our comprehensive extended warranty and purchase those electrical and IT products you have always wanted!
The warranty of up to five years takes effect after the manufacturer’s warranty of your purchase expires. Hence, it gives you the satisfaction and peace of mind for your new purchase.

FREE Parts and Service
All parts and labour costs are covered.

FREE Replacement for Beyond Repair Products
If for some reason there is a problem with your product that cannot be fixed, a replacement product will be provided to you.

Here are examples of typical repair costs for some common electronic appliances:

  Laptops   SLR Cameras   Refrigerators   Air Conditioners   Televisions
  Mainboard: $600
  LCD Screen: $500
  PCB Board: $250
  CCD Unit: $400
  Compressor: $350
  PCB Board: $150
  Fan Motor: $150
  Drain Pump: $120
  LCD Panel: $2,800
  AG Board: $600

Extended Warranty Period
An extension of Manufacturer Warranty by 1, 2, 3 or 4 years.

Can't Decide?
At Harvey Norman, we realize that major purchase requires some thought, so we are glad to extend up to 14 days from the date of your appliance purchase to decide if you would like to purchase our Extended Warranty.

Come visit us in-store or contact our Extended Warranty Hotline: 1800 438 6393 for more information.

Important Note:
- Harvey Norman Extended Warranty is for residential use only.
- Harvey Norman Extended Warranty is not transferable.
- Terms & Conditions apply. Please see in-store for details.