Mount a TV bracket

Are you looking to free up some more space in your living room? Or do you want to put a TV in another room without having to add more furniture? A TV bracket is the perfect option, letting you mount it on the wall safely and securely. Choose from brands like Sanus and Samsung so that you can mount your TV today.

Take a look through our TV wall mount range for the right one to suit not only your TV type, but also what you want to get out of your wall mount. Some TV brackets let you adjust the angle of them, or how close to the wall they are so that you can still reach around the back to plug in AV devices.

When you’re buying a TV bracket make sure to check that it’s suitable for your TV size and weight, as well as where you want to place it on the wall and if the bracket you’re looking at is suitable for it.

For help choosing the right TV bracket for your television and home theatre system get in contact with one of our friendly salespeople, call your local store, or head in to take a look at the bracket range in person. 

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