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Everyone has a different way that they prefer to sleep, so everyone needs the right pillow to support their bodies properly. Keep your spine aligned properly with a pillow to suit your sleeping style, whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side or however else.

One of the best supportive pillow brands is Tempur. A Tempur pillow will mould to your head, neck and shoulders to ensure your sleeping posture is the best that it can be. A memory foam pillow adjusts to suit you instead of your body having to adjust to suit your pillow, so it’s perfect for those who have an uncommon sleeping position preference.

Have a pillow that will help your lower body with the bolster – a full body pillow that will let your hips align properly and take some of the tension off your lower back.

We offer a range of firmness in pillows with a variety of fillings from the memory pillow to the feather, down or latex pillow. For more information on each of the different types and what suits your needs best simply get in contact with one of our salespeople, contact your local store, or go in to check them out in person. Take a look through the rest of our manchester range today.

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