Cuddle up with a quilt

Having the right quilt can help you sleep more soundly, whether you’re looking for something to keep you warm during the colder nights, or a light quilt that is perfect for the hot nights when you still want something covering you but which won’t trap the heat in.

Browse our duvet range online to find the right comforter from top quality brands like Snowdown. Choose between a feather or down quilt, depending what your preference is. A down quilt works by trapping a layer of air around your body, and in comparison to a feather quilt it is softer, lighter and warmer. If you suffer from allergies then one of our anti-dust mite quilts will make night-time a lot easier on your sinuses.

When you’re trying to find a suitable quilt make sure to check the weight of the filling which is measured in grams, a single size summer duvet should weigh around 200 grams, while a very warm winter one would be closer to 1000 grams. The stitching can also make a difference, with a summer comforter including a cold zone to let air come through, and winter ones designed to insulate very well.

If you need help choosing the right quilt then simply contact one of our sales associates, call your local store, or head in to test them out in person.

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