Update your quilts, pillows and duvets

Adding a new quilt, pillow or duvet to your bedroom can help you stay cosy and comfortable when you are in bed. Essential for the colder months, a duvet or quilt keeps you warm so you can enjoy restful sleep; a lighter duvet or quilt can be employed in the summer to stop you waking up when the temperature drops overnight. And no good night’s sleep is ever complete without a pillow to provide you with neck support so you don’t wake up in the morning with aches and pains.

Our duvet, quilt and pillow range can suit any bed size, taste or season. Assembled from the top brands, any quilts or duvets purchased from our range will deliver long lasting comfort year after year. We also stock a number of specialised pillows such as a nursing pillow, pregnancy pillow or maternity pillow as well a travel pillow that offers you neck support as you sleep in an upright position.

Keep your mattress protected over time with a mattress protector from our range, so that you can make sure your mattress lasts for longer and is protected from any accidents, stains or spills that happen. A mattress topper is similar, but gives you more of a pillowed feel, which is good for those who prefer their mattress to be softer.

Shop for quilts and pillows today and make sure the beds in your home are as comfortable as they can be.

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