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Complete your household set up with a home phone. Our online selection features a range of options for you including the cordless phone to keep it easy for you to use, and high quality DECT phone ensuring that you can travel some distance from the home station before the signal drops out. Choose from our online range to suit your household, including top brand options such as Panasonic and Motorola.

When choosing a home phone make sure to keep in mind whether you want a corded or cordless phone, and if you want to have only one or a full package of a few different phones - a good idea if you have a large house and don't want to have to travel to answer the phone. Another important feature is an answering machine for when you're unavailable. Keep an eye out for what each phone offers depending on your household situation.

If you need help choosing the right home phone for your household then simply get in touch with one of our friendly sales associates who will be happy to take you through our range of DECT phone, cordless phone and more.

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