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The Macbook gives you the power of a top quality laptop in a sleek, portable sizes and design. Choose between the ultra light Macbook Air or the more beefed up Macbook Pro that still retains a slim design but with a larger screen and more powerful hardware.

When you’re choosing your laptop keep in mind the processing power as well as the memory capacity, depending on what you want to use it for. If you’re mostly using it for word processing or emails for work, then a Mac Book Air may be a better option, letting you take it from work to home easily. If you’re looking to do some more intensive work such as music, video or photo editing then a Mac Book Pro with higher performing processing hardware is recommended.

The retina display is another option that you should take into account when choosing your new laptop from Macintosh. One of the new model Macbook Pros will deliver a stunning display, designed with a pixel density so high that you won’t be able to see individual pixels at a normal viewing distance. Take a look at the models in store to see the difference for yourself, and upgrade your visuals today.

If you need help choosing between the different laptops then simply get in touch with one of our friendly sales associates, contact your local store, or head in to see the Mac Book range in person.

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