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A computer is a necessity in today’s world, giving you access to a range of tools and fun whether you’re into the professional side of things or want something for entertainment, or both!

Find the right computer to match your needs with the Harvey Norman Singapore range today – from the portable laptop, notebook or ultra book; the high performing desktop for your home; or a monitor to give you a good look at your computing.

At Harvey Norman we understand that when it comes to portable computing you’re looking for the highest performing at the most portable size, which is why our laptop, notebook and ultrabook range strives to provide a full range of sizes and performance capabilities. Whether you’re after the super flexible options or want something with a bit more grunt for a gaming laptop, you’ll be able to find it online.

Take a look through our desktop options to find the right computer to complete your home office or gaming station. We offer the space saving all-in-one desktops, all the way through to the super-powered gaming PCs that will have you blown away by their graphics and responsiveness.

Need a monitor to match your desktops awesome processing power? Take a look at some of our impressive options, whether you want a new central monitor or a second one to get some more screen space for your work or gaming needs – or even a third one!

If you need any help choosing laptop, notebook, ultrabook, computer or monitor simply get in touch with one of our helpful sales associates, contact your local store or head in to take a look at our technology range in person.

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