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Accessories can take your hardware to the next level, giving you ease of functionality as well as protecting your technology from any accidents. Take a look through the selection we offer at Harvey Norman Singapore so you can upgrade your tablet today and make things far easier and simpler for yourself.

If you prefer the feel of tactile typing over the virtual keyboard option then a tablet keyboard would be perfect for you – which doubles as a cover to keep the screen protected. For more screen protection options we also offer clear screen protectors that are easy to apply, as well as a full range of cases and covers to keep the tablet safe whenever you aren’t using it.

Keep your tablet charged with the power adapter and charging cable range available online – perfect for if you’ve misplaced yours or want to get charging quicker. We also offer a Microsoft Surface docking station for super easy and fast charging.

Lost your stylus? Replacing it is easy with the Harvey Norman accessories selection including a whole range of Windows tablet stylus’ in different colours.

If you need any help finding accessories for your tablet type then simply get in touch with one of our expert sales people and they’ll be more than happy to help. Either contact them through our website, call your local store, or head in.

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