Track and improve your fitness

Are you looking to get fit and want to be able to track your progress? A fitness tracker may be the right thing to keep you on track with your goals, as it can measure your exercise time, heart rate, calorie loss, and more. Some of the trackers also pair with an app that you can use to record your food intake, so that you can have a fuller picture of your fitness.

Fitbit are a trusted brand that come in a range of different fitness tracking equipment options, to suit your lifestyle and whether you want a brief overview or a more in depth image of your fitness. We also offer the Polar Heart Rate Monitor, perfect for tracking your exercise routines and making sure you keep your heart rate up. Browse our heart rate monitor, GPS watch, pedometer or a tracker range today.

If you need more help finding the right fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, or activity tracker, then simply get in touch with one of our sales associates who will be happy to get you started on your fitness journey. Contact us online, over the phone, or head in store today.

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