Track with a GPS or heart rate monitor watch

Tracking your progress when it comes to your heart rate and your location is made easier with the watch, heart rate monitor and GPS watch range. By tracking your heart rate you can measure if your workout is being as effective as it could be and that you’re pushing yourself as much as you need to. Know the track you took with a GPS watch from our range, which won’t get in your way or be cumbersome during your hikes or runs.

A heart rate monitor or GPS tracker has more than these features though, and for information on the latest trackers and what they can offer to better fit your active lifestyle then simply check out our range, with several different top quality brands that offer different specialties that can cater to your unique needs including Fitbit and TomTom.

Need more help navigating the GPS tracker and HRM range? Get in touch with one of our friendly sales associates and they'll take you through the different options and how they can best help you with your fit life. Contact us online, over the phone, or head in store to see the range in person today.

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