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Blast your music out with a powerful Hi Fi system from our range online. A stereo with quality speakers will give you the power you need to enjoy your music at the level that it is meant to be enjoyed, and it can be used to bolster your home entertainment system if you want to put some extra oomph into it. For help finding the Hi Fi that would be best suited to your current set up, or what you want your system to be able to deliver, then one of our friendly sales associates will be more than happy to to take you through the range and give you more information about what's on offer and the features each of them have.

Bolster your system with a Hi Fi, Micro Hi Fi, Soundbar, Subwoofer, and more, with the Harvey Norman Singapore range designed to give you the music performance that you want. Browse our range of sound systems online including the easy to use wireless sound system that lets you free yourself from cords, perfect for parties when you want to stream from different devices.

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