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Our mission is to design products that empower people to get more life out of every single day.


We obsess about things that many people never see, because we know that a detail is the difference between an accessory and an enhancement.


The more insights we bring for daily lives all over the world, the more we understand how people live, the more relevant we will be.

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Wireless Chargers

Rethink where and how you charge with Belkin’s Wireless Charging solution.

The Number 1 Selling 3rd Party of MagSafe Chargers† - You’re in good company. Being the #1 third-party seller of MagSafe chargers means that you are getting quality, innovation, and durability when you buy our chargers with MagSafe.

Belkin’s wide range of wireless chargers includes MagSafe, magnetic and universal Qi™ compatible, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your device and lifestyle.

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Wall Chargers & Cables

Belkin wall chargers are designed for speed and safety. And Belkin puts multiple safety measures in the charger and cable to take care of your devices.

Chargers feature GaN technology that is able to process more power and can be packed into a smaller space. A small charger can do more work than a larger charger, and can do it faster.

  • Being lightweight and occupying less space makes GaN chargers great for travel.
  • One charger is all most people will need when it has enough power for everything from a phone to a tablet and even a laptop.
  • Pair with Belkin USB-C or Lightning cable for your daily charging needs.
  • On top of that, all Belkin wall chargers come with up to $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty, providing you peace of mind.

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Hubs & Docks

Belkin USB-C hub expands your laptop’s USB-C port by giving you the ports newer laptops have eliminated in recent years. Its slim, compact and travel-ready design is ideal for those who have multiple workstations or are looking to declutter their desks.

If you find yourself constantly running out of ports on a laptop, MacBook, or iPad, it’s time to invest in a USB-C multiport hub.

Belkin dock allows the connection of an external hard drive, mouse, keyboard, headphones, and other peripherals to the laptop or MacBook. Features with the DisplayLink technology*, enable you to connect two or more high-definition monitors to a Windows, Mac, or Chrome device. Enjoy the benefits to expand your workstation, with a passthrough power for the ability to connect and work, while charging your laptop through a single cable.

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Surge Protectors

Keep your electronic devices protected from dangerous power surges and spikes with the Belkin Surge Protector Strips. Power spikes can cause irreparable damage to electrical equipment or even fire.

Belkin surge protector strips comes with Connected Equipment Warranty, which means we will repair or replace electronic equipment damaged by an electrical surge or lightning strike when properly connected to our surge protector.

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