Personal Care Products

As the old adage goes ‘Health is wealth’. Leading a healthy lifestyle can seem overwhelming but with the aid of healthcare products, it is easier than before. Stay healthy and achieve your fitness goals with our health & personal care range.

Personal Care

Taking care of your personal appearance and hygiene can further boost your confidence and self-esteem, hence it is important to groom yourself to look and feel good.
With an extensive range of personal care products such as hair dryers, shavers, clippers and electric toothbrushes, you will be spoilt for choice with various brands and models.

Health & Wellbeing

Taking care of your health and wellbeing is of utmost importance. Stay in the pink of health at all times by regularly keeping a close tab on your vital signs.
If you are a diabetic or at risk of being one, it is crucial to monitor your blood glucose levels regularly to ensure your condition is under control. Invest in one of our compact and lightweight blood glucose monitors which yields accurate results.
Having a thermometer at home is handy if any member of your family is prone to catching colds or getting a fever. Monitor body temperature easily with our range of thermometers which provides accurate temperature readings.

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