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Whether you’re a beginner or have been in the music industry for years, we can provide you with top of the range recording equipment and accessories. Replay your live gigs, studio practices or simply keep documented files to listen to your progress with our wide-range of recording devices.

Choosing the right microphone is essential when recording sound. Microphones come in many forms, from single diaphragm condenser microphones to omnidirectional condenser microphones and easy-to-use condenser microphones with USB interfaces. Our collection can help you find the microphone you need at a price that suits your budget.

Portable recorders and voice recorders give you even greater scope for capturing sound. Highly portable, these recorders can be used on stage, in rehearsal and even as a dictaphone.

Shop online for recording gear today and capture your music without the hassle of cables, wires and excessive audio equipment. Explore our range and become familiar with advanced ways to store, play and release your performances with top brands such as Sony and Philips available. For any further assistance or questions, be sure to contact your nearest Harvey Norman sales associate.

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