Hi-Fi Systems

Discover sound like never before when you experience our wide-range of Hi-Fi systems. At Harvey Norman you will find a collection of HiFi equipment, from compact and micro systems to wireless Hi-Fi and full speaker packages. Explore our exclusive range and choose the one that suits you sound system, whether it’s to match your audio entertainment unit or studio.

A Hi-Fi or mini Hi-Fi is ideal for the smaller rooms, bedrooms or kitchen in your home. Capable of playing music from a number of formats including USB, a Hi-Fi is the music player that lets you enjoy your music collection without having it completely occupy the space on the counters. Connect your iPod or MP3 player, enjoy the radio station of your choice or use the CD player to listen to some of your favourite albums. We also offer a number of larger Hi-Fi systems that offer a bigger noise, making them ideal for the main entertainment room in the home.

Choose from some of the best brands in audio manufacturing including Klipsch, Philips, Pioneer, Yamaha, Sony and more. With sound projection like no other, these systems have stereo and speaker capabilities that allow you to enjoy your audio in top quality. Shop online for our extensive audio system collection and find the Hi-Fi that suits your needs in just a few simple clicks.

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