Cooker Hobs

A kitchen stove lets you cook any number of dishes quickly and easily as the main component to every kitchen. A gas hob introduces a classic design aesthetic into your home and lets you prepare dishes in a fashion you are familiar with and is often fitted with a variety of hobs that are better suited to cooking different foods such as a high-heat wok burner for preparing a stir fry.

The latest stoves include a number of energy efficient features that can help you reduce your energy bills. An induction cooktop, for example, heats only the pan and not the surrounding air so the energy use is focused and optimised. An induction cooktop is also a simple way to introduce a modern look into your kitchen. Often featuring digital controls and a flat cooking surface that is divided into cooking zones, an induction cooktop is as striking as it is easy-to-use.

Our extensive stove collection can help you find the perfect kitchen stove for you, regardless if you are searching for a gas cooker or an induction cooktop.

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