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Our headphone collection includes a wide variety of over-ear headphones that allow you to hear every note of your favourite music without distraction. Fitted with padded cushion, the ear cups sit over the ear to act as noise cancelling headphones that reduce interference of ambient noise so you can hear the music as if you were in the studio. Although over-ear headphones are less portable than earphones and on-ear headphones, many products still feature a foldable design that can fit easily inside your bag.

We also offer a number of headphones with Bluetooth headset capabilities allowing for greater freedom of movement and portability. If you’re looking for a high-quality, sound proof headphone set for DJ-ing look no further than our over-ear range. With stylish colours and trendy looks to choose from, you’ll be rocking the look with a pair of Sony headphones, Audio-Technica headphones, Philips headphones, or other top headphone brands.

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