Hand mixers are great for kitchen tasks, like whipping cream or beating eggs, that don't need a stand mixer or food processor. Whether you're a professional chef or home cook, this guide outlines some hand blender features to consider.

The Types Of Hand Mixers

Traditional Hand Mixers (Dual Blades):

  • Best for kneading thick dough, mashing potatoes or crushing ice.
  • Interchangeable attachments allow you to use dough hooks, whisks or liquid-blender rods.

Immersion/Wand Mixers:

  • Useful for soft foods or blending and cooking simultaneously — you don't have to remove your mixture from the stove.
  • Can be used in practically any type of container.
  • Lacks the power for some tougher tasks.

Attachments Are Handy

  • Wire whips are good for mixing creams and egg whites.
  • Flat beaters are adequate for mixing batters.
  • Dough hooks assist in kneading dough.

Blade Choice – Which Is Best?

Stainless-steel blades are more stain resistant than plastic blade and usually handle tougher ingredients better.

  • Look for removable blades, for easy cleaning.

The Importance Of Weight

Consider how heavy the hand mixer is and whether you'll be able to hold its weight for extended periods. Hand mixers that are too light may not stand up to heavy or frequent use.

Speed Is The Key

Look for models that feature at leas

  • Other hand mixers (stab mixers) come with attachable containers.
  • Avoid Mess With Slow Start

    Some mixers have a "slow start" feature, which gradually builds blade speed, so you can start mixing without splashing the contents all over the kitchen.

    Simple Hand Mixer Choices

    Traditional hand mixer: Best for thick dough, mashing potatoes or crushing ice.
    Immersion/wand mixer: Ideal for soft foods or blending.
    Attachments: Wire whips, flat beaters and dough hooks are essential.

    Optional Extras
    Removable blades: For easy cleaning.
    Slow Start: Allows mixing to begin without splattering the bowl's contents.

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