Nothing compares to the luxury of getting a good night’s sleep - after all, being well-rested is the key to starting off your day in high spirits. Buying a high quality mattress is important, but it’s as crucial as taking care of your mattress, whatever its price. Here are some simple ways to ensure your mattress stays clean and comfortable.


To help your mattress wear evenly, flip it over every six months or so. If you don’t, the mattress fibres will start to conform to your body’s shape, reducing its ability to relieve pressure points. Even if the mattress isn’t designed to be flipped over, you can still rotate it to prolong its life.


Mattress protection help protect the mattress’ surface and reduce the risk of damage if liquids are spilt on it. Removable protectors are washable and can be easily taken out or replaced if needed. Some even help reduce the risk of allergic reactions to dust mites.


What if the surface of the mattress becomes soiled? Try an upholstery shampoo, or prepare a mild detergent mix and apply with a dry or slightly damp sponge. Follow the product instructions carefully so the mixture doesn’t soak deeply into the mattress. Dry it thoroughly, in direct sunlight if possible, before fitting covers and bedsheets.


Contaminants such as dust particles and dust mites build up on your mattress surface over time. This can cause allergies if left uncleaned. Wipe or vacuum your mattress regularly to reduce build-up, and do it more frequently if you are prone to allergies. Some vacuum cleaners are specially designed to kill dust mites and trap contaminants.


Once a week, remove your bedsheets and leave the mattress uncovered for a few hours to let it breathe. This helps keep the inside of the mattress dry and clean. Some mattresses have ventilation slots to let fresh air circulate.


Placing your mattress on a firm, sturdy base or bed frame provides the maximum amount of support. A shaky base or frame shifts about unnecessarily, compromising your rest and comfort.


Consider using a steam cleaner to remove stubborn stains or dirt. To minimise the risk of the mattress trapping any moisture, make quick passes over the problem area instead of holding the nozzle over it.


Don’t fold the mattress or jump on the bed as this may damage the mattress and its base. Even the weight of a young child jumping up and down on a mattress can cause a lot of damage to its coil system or base.

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