In a world with increased mobile communications, landline still plays an important role within homes and businesses. This buying guide outlines the features available in the current range of cordless phones.

Digital communications

Digital technology has revolutionized landline communications with a range of features that enhance pre-existing home phone designs.The main systems for cordless phones are DECT:

DECT - Most cordless phones use Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT), which ensures interference free calls and high security. This frequency is only used for cordless phones so it does not incur static or interference from other devices.

Multiple handsets

Phone models that support multiple handsets can be very useful for people with large houses, especially multi-story homes. Some multiple handsets can also be used as an intercom system between rooms, or provide doorbell and video intercom to your exterior doors.

Optional two-line support

Some phones allow you to receive calls for two separate telephone numbers on the one phone. This is great if you have a home business. Multiple ring tones alert you to which line is ringing, and an auxiliary jack allows the second line to be used for a modem

Free your hands

Hands-free (speakerphone) is great when you need to talk and work at the same time. Let the whole family join in celebrating special occasions or catch up with friends while you are preparing dinner.

Informative LCD screen

An LCD screen on the handset is extremely useful. It can display your phone directory and other useful information, such as caller ID, battery strength, or how long you have been connected.

Screen your calls

Caller ID gives you the option to choose who you speak to. There is no need to answer if you are unsure of who is calling or when you do not have time to take a call.

Take a message

An inbuilt answering machine can be invaluable. Some answering machines have several mailboxes so you can separate business calls from personal ones, or direct messages to an individual mailbox. You can also check messages remotely, while away on business or on holiday.

Long battery life

Average talk times range from around five to 10 hours. Most phones have a low battery warning so you know when recharge is needed. Simply dock the phone in the base to recharge the handset.

Optional features:

Smartphone compatible - Some phones allow you to use your smartphone or phablet as an additional handset from which you can receive and make landline calls.

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