Playstation, Xbox and PC gaming accessories

Are you looking for the right accessory for your Playstation or Xbox console? Maybe you prefer PC Games but are looking to step it up? At Harvey Norman we offer a range of gaming accessories that take the game to new heights. Whether it’s for a PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 or PC Game, we’ve got a collection of awesome gaming utilities that will make every moment more enjoyable.

Gaming accessories are designed to improve the way you interact with your console or PC. With features such as customisable buttons, a gaming mouse or gaming keyboard can help you perform actions faster and with greater precision so you gain a competitive advantage. Video games have never been more fun when using your very own arcade stick, suitable for Xbox users and a whole heap more.

Our extensive range of accessories can help you secure an additional Xbox 360 controller, PS3 controller or PS4 controller so you can challenge your friends and family in local multiplayer match-ups. A gaming headset is ideal for chat when playing multiplayer games online. Shop for gaming accessories today and find the best gaming mouse, headset, keyboard or controller for you.

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