Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean, a juicer allows you to turn fruit and vegetables into a healthy and refreshing beverage with next to no work. Many juice extractor models will also have a pulp collection compartment which means all you have to do to clean the juice blender is remove this compartment and empty the contents into the bin.

A slow juicer or cold press juicer extracts even more nutrients from the fruit or vegetables used in the juicing process. A slow juicer uses low speed technology to maximise nutritional benefits so you get more from your juice than a great taste. As well as making healthier juice, a slow juicer can also make as much as 30% more juice than its conventional high-speed equivalent.

Our extensive juicer collection lets you find the best juicer or cold press juicer for you. Choose from the likes of a Kuvings slow juicer, a Breville juicer, a Philips juicer and more and find the best juice maker for you.

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