LG is a producer of consumer electronics, including mobile communications, home entertainment, home appliances, and fitness trackers.

Founded in 1958, LG has grown from a producer of domestic radios into a manufacturing of numerous electronic devices, and earned its place as a global leader through innovative technology and cutting-edge designs.

LG boasts 113 local subsidiaries worldwide and employs approximately 87,000 executives and employees. The company commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is reflected in its corporate policies and strategic framework.

LG has adopted a “Life’s Good” philosophy that is reflected in the company’s commitment to making life easier and more rewarding. The brand aims to humanize technology to enhance and enrich your everyday living.

LG Fridges

Enjoy maximum capacity in minimum space with LG refrigerators that offer features like easy-to-reach digital controls, precise temperature settings, LED control panels and built-in water dispensers.

LG fridges come with advance features to keep your food fresh and make your life easier. Choose from range of LG fridges, including Bottom Mount, Top Mount, French Door fridges and more.

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LG Televisions, Audio & Video

Experience LG’s next generation of OLED and LCD LED Smart TVs offer exceptional image quality and a range of entertainment features, including access to online content and social media.

LG televisions combine performance, power and design in a range of TVs that provide the image quality you seek, such cinematic 3D, reduced motion blur, and advanced image processing for a superior visual experience.

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LG Laundry

LG offers a range of laundry appliance that makes laundry a breeze. Choose from a range of attractive colours and modern designs with energy-efficient technology to match your style and needs.

LG laundry appliances include a range of top loaders, front loaders, sophisticated dryers, and washer and dryer combos to suit your household requirements.

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Flooring Care

Choose from a range of LG vacuum cleaners that make cleaning your floors a stress-free experience.

LG cordless handsticks vacuum cleaners are easy to operate and help you reach those difficult areas so you can achieve a more thorough cleaning. For automated vacuuming choose from one of LG’s robotic vacuum cleaners that free up your time.

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