Make an impact on your home and your family with colours

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May 3, 2016 

According to famous psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung, colours possess the ability to set moods and create different feelings. For example, the colour red is often associated with warmth, while blue is associated with tranquility, and green with serenity.

While certain colours tend to elicit similar responses from most people, colour in all its variations can affect a person in different ways, depending on age, gender and cultural background. So when it comes to decorating your home, you should ultimately trust your instincts.

Here are some colour representations to get you started on your journey. Unleash your creativity!


Attributes: calm, cool, logical, tranquil, reflective

Blue is the colour most associated with the mind. It speaks of intelligence, affecting us mentally, inducing reflective and stimulating clear thoughts. It is a great choice of colour for a study room, as soft blues help calm the mind and aid in concentration and focus.

Visually, blue objects do not appear to be as close to our eyes as red ones. The perceptive distance adds perspective and helps create a sense of space that is at once soothing and unthreatening.

Of course, the colour blue is also redolent of dreamy beach holidays – it is the colour of open skies and gentle waves. To make a living room feel spacious and airy, consider decorating with blue.


Attributes: upbeat, friendly, creative, confident

A strong colour, yellow (as well as its cousin, orange) has the tendency to attract people with strong, confident personalities. It is the colour for those who celebrate life to the full, and are unafraid to indulge their creativity. Correctly used, yellows and oranges can help lift the spirit.

These golden colourhues, if used tastefully and in moderation, can mimic the effects of sunshine, bringing a streak of pure, unadulterated happiness, especially good during the gloomy monsoon season. Go hug a yellow plush toy when it rains, and see if it doesn’t somehow brighten your day!


Attributes: balance, rest, peace, refreshing, restored energy

Green looks you directly in the eye and restores a tired soul to equilibrium. It is the colour of balance. It has a restorative quality and is entirely non-threatening. Use it in any room where you want to evoke the feeling of comfort and of winding down.

For example, green accents in your dining space, where your family gathers for nourishment at the end of a long day, will help restore you and ease you towards a more restful night.

Also worth considering are cooler-toned greens, like teal and mint. These combine the comfort factor of green with the calming nature of blue – and they make the room look fresh and on-trend to boot.


Attributes: nurturing, warmth, femininity, love, sweetness

Pink, being a tint of red, is often associated with gentle love. It has all the romance found in red, but without red’s destructive fury. It nurtures warmth, without becoming too hot. It is a powerful feminine colour, invoking the smell, texture and essence of roses.

At the same time, there are shades, like dusky roses or neutral beiges, that are not as sugary sweet as a pure pink. Such shades are suitable for the whole family and can be deployed to comforting effect on the walls or in a matching sofa and rug set.

Brighter pinks work nicely in accessories and as statement pieces as well. Pink dinnerware, for instance, speaks volumes of the care and attention that one gives to the meals served on it.


Attributes: pure, clean, efficient, simple

White has great reflective powers. It reflects all the other colours in our lives. It is often associated with purity and cleanliness. A white wall looks satisfying, because it invokes visions of a clean and well sanitised home. It also gives an illusion of space – a room awash in white appears somehow loftier and more open.

White need not be boring either. It makes for a great backdrop, and it will happily sit next to bolder colours such as red or black.

If you are concerned about the upkeep of pristine white, pair it with light neutrals like pale grey or blond wood to retain that minimal, Scandinavian feel, while making your home a breeze to maintain.


Attributes: sophistication, glamour, drama, security

Black is the ultimate colour. Absolute and all-encompassing, it embraces you in its protectiveness and absorbs excessive energies. With black, there are no nuances, because it communicates with total clarity.

There is a distinct stylishness and sophistry to black that is all its own. Think a luscious black carpet at the foot of a white sofa, solid black shelving offset by rose gold accents, or a black painting behind a red armchair. These are glamour shots in the home that are worthy enough to grace any magazine covers.

Feeling inspired? Before you rush out to buy new pieces in your colour, here’s a cost-saving tip: you can get your existing furniture re-upholstered at Harvey Norman Millenia Walk Flagship Superstore, which has a vast array of luxurious fabrics from renowned Australian brand Warwick. With over 2,000 swatches in different colours and textures, you can select the exact shade you desire to give your home a brand new look.


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