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Service2U's 4 Pillars

With our team of technology experts, you can be confident that your computers are in good hands.

Our comprehensive service covers: repair, troubleshooting, set-up, and maintenance.


Our team of technology experts diagnoses and fixes your computer’s hardware and software issues, making sure that your computer will be up and running in no time.


Our skilled technology experts have the skills and resources to troubleshoot your computer’s issues. They work diligently to identify an efficient and effective solution, ensuring your device operates at peak performance.


Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping computers running smoothly. Our preventive maintenance checks help prevent issues from arising and extend the computer’s lifespan. We also perform software updates, security software installations, and computer cleaning services to ensure it runs optimally.


Our expert technology experts can assist with setting up new computers and transferring data from old devices. With their efficient configuration and installation of all necessary software and programmes, they ensure a smooth and timely deployment process.

Techcare Plans

Our two service plans are designed to meet the needs of different users.

service_basic service_premium

Plan Benefits

Save more with our bundle Techcare Plans.


90-day warranty coverage after repair and servicing.


Reapplication of thermal paste if your computer is overheating.


Enjoy up to 6 on-site, collection & delivery services with the Premium Plan.


Free diagnostic service for any issues your computer may have.


Hassle-free software installation & data backup and transfer.

Common Issues We Can Assist With

Our service plans are designed to provide you with comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

Software Installation and Uninstallation Service

The Software Installation and Uninstallation service is provided on a best-effort basis and might sometimes be impossible to carry out due to certain restrictions.

Examples include:
  • Administrative privileges
  • Requiring access to protected or hidden files
  • Needing changes in system directory files
  • Requiring remote set-up on a server

For unsuccessful software installation and uninstallation, Service2U reserves the right to decide how the refund is issued (depending on the original form of payment, whether cash or credit). Customers have to provide Service2U with the software license necessary for installation, and Service2U will not be accountable and held liable for the validity of the license.

Service2U will also not be held liable if the license provided results in an unsuccessful software installation. The customer must seek an alternative channel of recourse through the software creator or distributor to reactivate all licensing requirements to recover the license.

Data Backup & Cloning Service

Customers must provide Service2U with an external device with storage space equal to or greater than the device's own for all data backup services. If you fail to do so, Service2U reserves the right to reject the rendering of service to you. All data transfer, backup files, or software sizes will be limited to 3TB.

For all cloud-based backups, there are risks involved in the transmission of data over the internet, which may result in a potential data leak or intermittent connection. The responsibility for any loss of data to third parties or from the disruption of data transmission will not be borne by Service2U.

Thermal Paste Change

Thermal Paste changes help improve the device's thermal performance, which may enhance the overall performance of the device (due to the CPU or CPU's ability to throttle up).

This service is provided on a best-effort basis. Service2U cannot guarantee a measurable improvement in performance concerning the perceived or measured speed of the general use of the device.

The choice of thermal paste would also be matched to the thermal design power and type of CPU or GPU die of the device. Any damages caused by improper use after the thermal paste change (e.g. benchmarking) are not Service2U's responsibility to rectify.

Customers may bring their preferred thermal paste of choice to use. However, any damages to the device caused by incompatible thermal paste (e.g. bleeding, short-circuiting, hardening, or thinning) will not be repaired by Service2U.

On-Site Service

It may not be possible to resolve all problems via an on-site service. In particularly difficult cases, we may take your device to a separate hub, where the tools and equipment are readily available for diagnosis and repair.

Please keep the "Techcare Plans Terms & Conditions" and "Proof of Purchase" documents together in a safe place, as they are needed at the time of a claim. The "Techcare Plans Terms & Conditions" document also serves as a reference guide to assist you in determining and understanding your contract.

Customer Oriented Services

For any enquiries related to our plans, claiming process, and more, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email. Our experts will get back to you within the next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that experiencing a computer breakdown can be a stressful situation. To ensure a seamless repair process for your device, we have compiled a list of 8 frequently asked questions about our Techcare Plans. This section aims to address any concerns you may have and provide you with the necessary information to navigate through the repair journey smoothly.

Should you have any other questions, please contact our support team at +65 63119945.

You can visit us at Harvey Norman Millenia Walk Flagship Store or call our team who will assist you in the claiming process.

lease bring your receipt, external backup device and software license you would like us to install.

The duration of your laptop’s repair will depend on how complex its issues are.

No, the Techcare Plans cannot be transferred to any other party or device.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions concerning the rendering of services from Service2U, on behalf of Pertama Merchandising Pte Ltd ("Pertama"), to the customer ("You") are binding as per the acknowledgement of the service form by both parties.

Otherwise stated below, the general terms and conditions would apply to the services listed within the price list.


This Service Contract is valid and eligible for purchases in Singapore only.

Service Contract Term

The Techcare Plan will only be valid for one (1) year, starting from the date of purchase. The contract will expire or be terminated when all services have been redeemed.


This Techcare Plans cannot be transferred to any other party or product.


Techcare Plans are bundled at a promotional price. Individual services will be charged as per the original price.

Service Duration

Service duration will vary, subject to the complexity of the issue.

Data, Programme & Software Protection

The device owner is responsible for the data integrity and backup of his or her personal data prior to ANY of the services performed by Service2U. Note that in performing any services, Service2U will not be liable for any data, programme, or software loss incurred due to unintended hardware or software failure, licensing issues, or a lack of due diligence by the customer.

Operating System Installation or Reinstallation Service

The Operating System installation or reinstallation procedures would reset the device to its "factory default condition". For new installations and devices opting for upgrades, customers have to provide Service2U with the Operating System license for installation. Service2U will not be held accountable for the validity of the license.

For Operating System reinstallations, necessary security patches and feature updates might or might not occur during the process. Service2U will not be held accountable for the changes in the installation packages and upgrades that might take place during the reinstallation process unless it is without a doubt that the upgrades could have been mitigated via a clear option.

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