On-Ear Headphones

The right headphones let you hear every beat of every song with the best clarity. Fitted with large driver units, on-ear headphones can produce a bigger, richer sound than in-ear headphones. Many on-ear headphones also function as noise cancelling headphones so you can listen to your music without being disturbed by ambient noise.

While they are less portable than earphones, many headphones feature a foldable design so you can slip them into your bag and take them anywhere. There are also a number of Bluetooth headset capabilities available, which further increase portability and offer increased freedom of movement. This is best for when going on a walk, run or simply breaking down your dance moves with the likelihood of those headphones falling off being close to zero. Exercising has never been more convenient when you’ve got your favourite tunes playing as you perform a range of movements.

Our extensive headphone collection includes all the top brands. Choose from the likes of Sony headphones, Pioneer headphones, Philips headphones and more so that you can find the best headphones for your music needs.

Shop for on-ear headphones today and enjoy your music in outstanding quality.

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