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The first decision to be made when selecting headphones begins with the option of in-ear earphone, on-ear headphones or over-ear. At Harvey Norman we offer a full range of headphone choices differing in style, design and colours.

What’s the difference between headphones and earphones? Generally, headphones offer a larger sound capacity whereas earphones bring you the comfort of portability. Headphones also allow you to enjoy your favourite music when you are on the move, along with on-ear earphones. Blast your music when you’re at home and forget about disturbing the neighbours when you’ve got your audio selection to choose from. You’ve also got the ability to Skype without the awkwardness of others listening in on your calls and of course relaxing to the soothing sound of your favourite songs on the commute to work.

Our extensive headphone collection lets you find the pair that suits your need. Shop for the likes of noise cancelling headphones, wireless headphones or a Bluetooth headset, so that you will find the best headphones for you. Choose from the top brands like Beats headphones, Sony headphones, Sennheiser headphones and many more.View our extensive headphone and earphone collection and find the pair that suits your need.

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