Portable Speakers

Listening to your favourite beats has never been convenient now that you’re not restricted by cables and wires. Discover our portable speaker range and take the sound from your music player with you wherever you go. Whether you’re headed to the park, beach or spending the day gardening, you can now turn up the music and enjoy the sounds of your favourite jams while doing out and about.

Choose from speakers like a Bluetooth speaker, which allows you connect your music player, smartphone, laptop or tablet without cables or wires. Compact and lightweight, a portable speaker lets you start a party whenever you feel like it. Portable speakers also allow you to enjoy your favourite content on your devices in high-quality sound.

Our range of Bluetooth speakers includes models of varying size, output and style so you can find the best Bluetooth speakers for you from a range of brands including JBL, Sony and more. We’ve also got a wide-range of colourful, trendy and stylish portable speakers that can add to your indoor or outdoor home decor.

Add a portable speaker to your audio equipment and make sure you are ready to share your music with your friends whenever the mood takes you.

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