Can you identify with any of these shopping personality types?

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April 18, 2016

The way people shop reveals a lot about their personality. Whether they are confident or indecisive, their true colours are revealed when shopping at a superstore like Harvey Norman, simply because they’re so spoilt for choice and mind-boggled by the options.

There are five distinct personalities you may encounter. Find out which type of shopper you are!

1. Cannot-Confirm Keith

After analysing and re-analysing the specifications for an hour, Cannot-Confirm Keith still hasn’t decided between two vacuum cleaners on sale. Vacuum Cleaner A is higher in wattage, but can be a little noisy. Vacuum Cleaner B comes with a free pack of vacuum bags, but is in a bright shade of orange. Finally,he decides to go with Vacuum Cleaner A.

At the cashier, he thinks, isn’t it better if the family comes down to weigh in on the options? He decides not to buy it, but fears that the promotion may end anytime. Cannot-Confirm Keith is in a dilemma.

At Harvey Norman, stock can be held and reserved at a specific price for seven days. Simply pay a holding deposit of 15% of retail price and give it more thought. The deposit will be refunded if you do not wish to proceed with the purchase.

Cannot-Confirm Keith reserves his best choice. Cannot-Confirm Keith can confirm later.

2. Fickle-To-The-Max Jayne

Fickle-To-The-Max Jayne walks into the store and, seemingly decisively, purchases an espresso machine right on the spot. But, as always, she starts to second-guess her colour choice once it is delivered to her home. The striking red looks out of place in her monochromatic kitchen. Maybe the titanium is better?

At Harvey Norman, you can get your item exchanged within 10 days of purchase. The product has to be in brand new condition, and only one exchange is allowed per purchase.

Fickle-To-The-Max Jayne is happy. Fickle-To-The-Max Jayne gets her titanium-coloured coffee machine.

3. Kiasu Penny

Kiasu Penny memorises the prices at four major stores for that mattress she intends to get. She finally makes her decision to purchase her mattress at Harvey Norman after some meticulous comparison. A couple of days later, she is shocked to find out that another shop is selling the same item at 10% cheaper! Indignant and unhappy, Kiasu Penny calls up Harvey Norman.

At Harvey Norman, the price guarantee policy means that if there is proof of a cheaper item at another major chain store, Harvey Norman will refund the difference and additional 10% extra!

Kiasu Penny pays the right price. Kiasu Penny even gets compensated for paying more initially!

4. Clumsy Bob

Clumsy Bob promises himself that this time he will surely take care of his new camera. Just when he is taking a picture of his friends by the pool, you guessed it – his butter fingers drop his new toy! An upset Clumsy Bob goes back to Harvey Norman,armed with excuses to secure his replacement. To his amazement, the counter staff does not even ask for an explanation and got his camera replaced right away.

Harvey Norman’s relaunched Product Care ® service offers extended protection for those big ticket purchases. It covers all parts, labour and call out fees for an unlimited amount of repairs, so shoppers like Clumsy Bob can relax and fully enjoy their new purchases. For purchases under S$500, items under Product Care®can be replaced with no questions asked.

Clumsy Bob is relieved. Clumsy Bob promises himself that this time he will surely take care of his camera.

5. Kancheong Stella

Kancheong Stella is in a sticky situation.She wakes up one morning to discover that her fridge has broken down. She is worried about the food spoiling in her fridge and goes to Harvey Norman immediately buy a new one. But Kancheong Stella is anxious about the long wait for the delivery of the new fridge. Will she be able to save the food in her old fridge?

At Harvey Norman, purchases done before 4 pm will be delivered on the same day provided there are available stocks.

Kancheong Stella receives the fridge on the very same day. Kancheong Stella’s food is successfully saved from spoiling.

Can you relate to any of the above personality-types? With Harvey Norman’s customer service policy, you can Shop With Confidence no matter which type you are. Get full details here at Harvey Norman’s website.


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